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From the Desk of the Secretary

As the Secretary of an organization that has traveled a long way from being a village youth organization to a social development rights based agency in one of the most backward districts of the country, I would like to take this opportunity to bring out the social activity of MAGJS, considering the vast changes sweeping across the length and breadth of the country and the social, economic and political situation of the state, the role of MAGJS has been reviewed by us and the people of the areas where we are working. MAGJS has changed over time and it has strived to do best ensuring the rights of the various marginalized people it works with and also to help community address its problems related to livelihood, employment, health, education etc. Our sole aim will be to fight and restore the rights of the vulnerable and marginal groups-women, trafficked persons, girl child, HIV-people, informal sector labourers etc. We will work to give them strength and organize them to gain what they miss in life.


We will sincerely wish our supporters to look at the way the lives of the people we work with our changed constantly. We need to have our civil society grow more responsible towards the society and its people. Only all together we can fight such diverse forces that are keeping our people from progressing and change to become sustainable.


With Best Wishes,

Jahangir Fakir


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